Heavy-duty racking is the ideal solution for storing heavy-duty pelletized and non-palletized goods. It’s built by pallet racking Frames, Beams or standard boxed beams with special clips and shelves. It can be incorporated into pallet racking to maximize storage capacity, picking face and minimize storage space.
Characteristics of Heavy Duty Racking:
• Heavy duty racking is a kind of assembly type industrial shelving that can be used to store
Various kinds of bulk cargo.
• Separate shelf frame and shelf boards are available.
• The shelf frame is installed with shims and floor fixing bolts.
• Our heavy duty racking is very safe and secure.
As a professional heavy duty racking manufacturer in UAE, Our heavy duty racking, Material handling equipment and other products are very popular in UAE, and the Middle East.

Aluminium & Gypsum Partitions

• Quickly fabrication & assembled at any place.
• Rust free material with powder coated finish
• Easy to dismantling & shifting ir re assembling
• Combination of Glass & Sheets
• Top suspended ceiling with Lights
• Aluminum doors & windows light weight & long life against
wooden material
• Wall cladding of buildings, Aluminum skids for outdoor